Partnership Heads Group
  • I find it inspiring to work in such a well organised, creative, diverse and forward thinking Partnership which impacts so positively on the learning and well-being of children across the City.
  • I love the fact that we work, share, socialise and prepare fun and exciting learning for all our Partnership schools.
  • These sessions are very thought-provoking and useful. Very supportive as a new Head.
  • Always good to talk and laugh with colleagues.

Partnership Governors Group

  • It has been a real pleasure to work with such a forward-thinking group of Governors, demonstrating partnership in action but also keeping that strategic overview. The meetings have been very purposeful and focused. This group is now used as an example of best practice for other Governors across Brighton & Hove.

Partnership SENCo Group

  • The SENCo job can be lonely and with all the changes, very difficult. Having these meetings are so important, they impact on my job and practice on a day to day. For myself it’s a great support and so good to problem solve and use each others’ good practice.

Partnership PSHE Group

  • It has been so valuable to talk through how we all deliver PSHE and how far developed our curriculum is. The time saving from pooling resources this morning is fantastic!
  • This Partnership group has given me the vision I needed to develop a whole school approach to delivering PSHE.
  • I have found this PSHE Partnership meeting really invaluable. We have shared lots of practice, resources and ideas across our schools. It has been a really efficient and effective use of time.
  • The opportunity to come together to share good practice and resources is extremely beneficial to us as subject leaders, to our class teacher colleagues and of course to the pupils we teach. So, thank you!
  • This morning has been so valuable, being given the luxury of time to talk through approaches to PSHE in a non-threatening and supportive way. I have really appreciated the chance to meet others and what a great opportunity to share resources. More please! Thank you.
Feedback on the Partnership INSET day at the Amex, 23rd February 2015
  • Such a thought provoking and inspiring day
  • Very well organised day with lots of ideas for future lessons and teaching’
  • Congratulations on pulling together such a huge event for so many people at such great quality. Very appreciated!
  • Thank you for such a buzzy, inspirational day

Lesson Study project feedback

  • A valuable and supportive experience. Great to see how other teachers work.’ Laura, Teacher at Middle Street Primary
  • It was a great opportunity to see other people’s classrooms and see how other teachers and children work. The Lesson Study process was extremely useful and supportive’ Rachel, Teacher at Elm Grove Primary
  • Very worthwhile. It allowed us to identify possible barriers to the children’s progress and was great CPD for the teachers. It was very interesting to talk to the children about their learning and progress.’ Sharon, Teacher and Assistant Head, Fairlight Primary
  • ‘A great supportive experience and a chance to work alongside other teachers in the same year group. We were able to share ideas and activities to then put in place in our own classrooms which has been a success’. Victoria, Teacher at St Mark’s Primary
  • I found the pupil interview part of the Lesson Study incredibly useful. Children from each class spoke with great honesty about their learning. This was a real insight into their experience in hte classroom. Maurice, Teacher and Deputy Head at Carlton Hill Primary