Family Support Service

Family Support Service brochure 2017

The Brighton City Partnership for Education aims to ensure that all children and families are able to access quality family support, tailored to their individual needs.

The Family Support Workers can offer support, advice and information on any issue affecting family life. This may include:

  • Concerns about challenging behaviour at home or at school
  • Concerns about yours or your child’s physical or emotional health
  • Concerns about your child’s school attendance
  • Improved parenting confidence and parental well-being
  • Support in dealing with significant events eg. bereavement, family separation
  • Support with communication between family and school
  • Supporting you to put in place effective and consistent routines
  • Supporting you with access to a wide range of local services.

The work of the Family Support Service can bring about significant changes in parental confidence, child attendance, and both child and adult well-being

Close working with local partners ensures families are able to access the support they need at the earliest opportunity; close working with the schools ensures early access to the service, improved engagement of the family with their school where relevant, as well as up-skilling and training of school staff.

Parent feedback on the Family Support Service
  • “I don’t dread the mornings anymoreThe school signposting me to you was the best thing they could have done.  In 6 short weeks it has changed over a year’s worth of behaviour and I’m very positive about the future.”
  • ”It was good to have an opportunity to talk to someone who can give me informed advice and support.”
  • ”I felt listened to and that my opinion counted and that is important to me where my child is concerned.”
  • ”I feel much more organised in my life now, I don’t panic anymore.  I’m in a different state of mind.”