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Our Work

Our Work

BCPFE schools work together to enhance the education and wellbeing of our children and families, ensuring they have opportunities to thrive. This is achieved through school to school support and challenge, family support and enrichment opportunities.

With over 500 staff across our 13 member schools, BCPFE provides joint professional development through a mix of training and peer support networks. Our comprehensive model for school to school support and challenge leads to a progressively higher quality of teaching and learning in all our schools and improved staff wellbeing through having access to a dependable network of support and expertise.

We place great value on enrichment opportunities for our children and young people and have established an exciting annual enrichment programme available to all our 3,000+ children.

A further advantage to working collaboratively is the potential for joint commissioning of services and joint purchasing of systems and programmes, leading to cost savings for individual schools as well as more bespoke services.

  • School to school support
  • Head teacher triads
  • Peer Network groups
  • Moderation twilights
  • Middle Leadership programme
  • Joint INSET days
  • Arts-based creativity projects to support children’s wellbeing
  • PE & School Sports Service
  • Enrichment programme of annual events for all year groups

Find out more about what we do for schools here.

With over 3,000 children and families across our BCPFE community, we have a well-established Family Support Service, embedded within our schools and accessible to all our families. The service offers high quality support and information; works with whole families to bring about positive change in a non-judgemental, respectful way; and offers a friendly and professional individually tailored service.

  • 1:1 tailored, intensive, whole family support over a 6-8 week period
  • 1:1 tailored, light touch, whole family support over a 1-3 week period
  • Issue specific book-ins eg. family separation, transition etc.
  • Parenting workshops and courses
  • Kinship Care programme
  • Resilience workshops for parents/carers
  • Supporting transition workshops for parents/carers
  • Summer programme of activities for families

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BCPFE seeks to bring added value, opportunities and support to each of its member schools and the children within it. This includes:


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‘I find it inspiring to work in such a well-organised, creative, diverse and forward-thinking partnership, which impacts so positively on the learning and wellbeing of children across the city’
(BCPFE Head teacher)

‘The Family Support Service is an amazing and invaluable service. For parents who are struggling, this is a total lifesaver! This was a vital lifeline to me at a tipping point in hugely stressful circumstances and literally made the difference of being able to cope or not.’