8 realistic side-hustles for 2020

With a new year comes a range of New Year’s Resolutions, which usually fall into one of two categories – health and money. The latter usually involves saving more, or in particular, saving for a specific thing, whether that be a nice holiday, a new car or a house deposit. To help achieve these goals, we can either look to cut back on frivolous spending or start up a new side-hustle to get a few extra pennies in – or a bit of both.

Here are eight realistic side-hustles which could help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions.

Ironing service

Let’s face it, not many people are big fans of wading through a huge pile of ironing. It’s a task many of us will put off until the very last minute, by which time the laundry basket is overflowing with creased clothing. And this is where you could take advantage and get going on a side-hustle. With just a few spare hours a week, there’s a great opportunity to offer your laundry or ironing services to neighbours, friends, family and colleagues, who may be all too willing to hand over the task for a few pounds a week. You can charge by the item, or by the hour (see this discussion on Mumsnet).

Buy and sell

Pierre Omidyar started eBay as nothing more than a hobby in 1995 and it is now a multi-billion-dollar business. Now, this might be a little ambitious for a new venture, but you can still certainly make a few pounds out of buying and selling. Whether this is from the comfort of your own home using various internet sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Shpock, or eBay, or via the more fun but time-consuming route of car boot sales, there’s money to be made for the savvy eye.

Childcare and babysitting

If you know any new parents who may be desperate for a night away from the little ones, a great way to earn a bit of money is to offer your babysitting services. The children will (generally!) go to bed early, leaving you to chill out in front of the tv for the evening – or possibly selling a few bits on your new Shpock account! If you’re qualified in childcare and can turn this from babysitting into a full day activity, where you take children out and about, incorporating educational and stimulating activities, you’ll be able to charge more for your expert services.

Pet-sitting and dog-walking

If you’re an animal lover, what better way to earn some extra pennies than by looking after someone else’s pet? Perhaps a friend is going on holiday, or you know a neighbour who is at work all day and needs a dog-walker. It only takes a few of these to build up to give you extra income, not to mention the feel-good factor and some daily exercise!

Earn from a new hobby

One of your New Year’s Resolutions may be to learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby. This is a perfect opportunity to get two for the price of one, as many hobbies and skills can be turned into money-making ventures. Crafts such as card-making, jewellery-making or pyrography can help you design and make great items to sell at craft fairs or online.

Sports coaching

If you’re into sport and physical activity, book yourself onto a Level 1 coaching course in your preferred sport to learn the basics. These are usually fairly inexpensive and can be completed over a couple of weekends or so, depending on the sport – although you’ll likely also need first aid and child safeguarding qualifications too. You’ll then be in a good position to search for sessional coaching jobs, where you can commit to anything from an hour to several hours a week at local clubs or with private coaching companies.


On a similar note, if you’re skilled and experienced in a particular discipline such as a musical instrument, shorthand, or a GCSE or A-Level subject, you can charge a good hourly rate for tutoring students. This can be flexible in as much as you can travel to them, host them at your house, or tutor in small groups if friends or siblings would prefer to learn together. Local Facebook pages or sites such as Tutorful can be great places to advertise your services.


For the multi-lingual, offering your services as a translator is a great way to gain some extra income. Websites such as Fiverr and Gengo are good places to start advertising your services, and often when you complete work for a client, they will return with more opportunities. Services can include proofreading documents in a different language, translating copy, transcribing and generating content. Translators for languages including French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, German, Korean and Spanish, are in particularly high demand and can earn you a handsome second income.