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Inside Out Programme Autumn 2017

St Barts Yr 6 Children - Mary and Mandy with children and teddies

The Inside Out programme ran this Autumn 2017 at St Bartholomew’s Primary School and was attended by six children from Lower KS2.  The programme, developed and run by our Family Support Service, aims to help children deal with overwhelming feelings in a positive and healthy way.  It aims to help children recognise and manage their emotions effectively thereby helping them to thrive and feel successful, both at school and in their social/home lives.

In their sixth and final session, the children presented to the Headteacher and school SENDCo, sharing what they had learnt from the programme, prior to receiving their Inside Out certificates.

Two of the children presented the ‘egg box’ characters they had made, demonstrating how their characters flipped their lids, they needed to use coping strategies to bring the lid back down.  The strategies were written on bottle top lids inside the characters.

The children gave examples of the range of coping strategies they had learnt (doing some deep breathing, hugging a bear, thinking of something they are looking forward to doing in the future, reading a favourite book, talking to a friend or grown up).

On child shared their ‘Brain First Aid’ kit and how it helps to reduce the fight/flight response.  “I can use items in my first aid kit such as squeezing some putty, hugging a bear and brushing my hair, as repetitive moves on your head can help you to feel calm.”

Another child demonstrated the Stop, Think, Go technique which encourages thinking before acting.

The session ended with a child-led mindfulness session.



‘I liked doing the graffiti wall because you get to put your ideas down and are sharing ideas together.’

‘I enjoyed every moment.’

‘I loved creating my T-rex puppet who sometimes flips his lid.’
(Yr 4 children at St Bartholomew’s)

‘The Inside out programme was a great opportunity for our children . All of the children involved enjoyed the project . They have been so keen to share their learning with others and use some of the skills they have learnt . Parents have responded that their child couldn’t wait to get to school on a Tuesday and was so excited about telling them about the group at the end of the day . The group worked together and supported each other successfully making some new friendships and developing trust together . Mary and Mandy really brought the emotions to life with the great activities they planned and group felt really held and positive when exploring these. Thank you so much for this group … I already have a list of names for the next one !!!’
(SENDCo at St Bartholomew’s)