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What we do

BCPFE has worked together as a group of schools since 2007, but more formally, as a charity (CIO) since September 2015. Our joint-working over the years has proven that we are stronger together.  Our peer network groups both support our school staff and improve the quality of teaching and learning in each of our schools.

  • We have a greater pool of expertise to draw from.
  • We have greater access to creative projects.
  • We have a greater emphasis on sporting activities and opportunities.
  • We are able to offer a greater range of enrichment events for our children.

BCPFE Heads meet together termly to set our Development Plan, based on individual schools’ and our collective priorities. This plan steers all of our School Improvement work.

Details of our school to school support offer will be available soon – watch this space.

At the start of each academic year, BCPFE Heads agree their triads and undertake termly meetings providing expert support and challenge to each other’s schools. These meetings lead to positive changes in each school.

SENCo / Inclusion Group

This group is our longest-standing, having been set up 8 years ago! Our SENCos/INCos meet half-termly to support the wellbeing and learning of all our children; to share best practice and evidence of what works; to share resources; to undertake joint training; to meet with professionals from external agencies.

Governors Group

Each BCPFE school has appointed a ‘Partnership Governor’ within their Governing body, to offer both support and challenge to Partnership activities and development; to share Governing body best practice, policies and procedures between schools; identify training requirements and to review the effectiveness of the Partnership Development Plan.

Early Years Group

BCPFE is very fortunate to have both of Brighton & Hove maintained nurseries as members as they bring considerable Early Years expertise and keep us focused on supporting children – emotionally, physically and academically – from the earliest age. This group has been established since 2010 and meets termly to share expertise, resources and best practice which directly impacts on our youngest children.

Teaching & Learning Group

Senior and Middle leaders meet termly to share expertise and best practice, and to undertake joint training. This year’s focus has been on developing Dialogic Talk in each of our schools, an approach which aims to improve the quality of both pupil and teacher talk in the classroom.

Maths Group

Our Maths leads meet termly, this year with a focus on developing concept cartoons to support children’s learning in maths, the use of dialogic talk in teaching maths, and an agreed approach to planning and assessment.

Assessment & Leadership Group

Our Assessment leads meet termly to share systems and best practice with the aim of improving outcomes for all our children.

Science Group

Our Science leads meet termly to raise the profile of Science across our schools and to develop a joint approach which supports children to develop a more in-depth understanding of the subject. Last year, they ran a Science Enrichment day at City College where children took part in a wide range of experiments.

PE Leads Group

This group is supported by our PE & School Sports Specialist and has developed into a strong network group, working together to continuously improve the quality of teaching and learning in PE and to increase the range of sporting activities available to children in our schools.

NQT Group

A new group established in 2016, it provides crucial support for Newly Qualified Teachers across our schools.

Attendance Group

This group meets termly to share effective practice in improving children’s attendance and helping parents/carers to understand the importance of good attendance on their child’s wellbeing and attainment.

Learning Mentor Group

These termly meetings, run by our Family Support Service, provide Learning Mentors with an opportunity to share best practice and problem-solve, as well as to hear from outside services what they can offer both to children and young people across the city.

‘I realise how much I needed the session because it allows me to share and offload part of the weight of the role amongst a peer group that I trust. I return to work better reminded of the positive impact we can make.’ (Learning Mentor, BCPFE school)

School Business Managers Group

These meetings allow for financial benchmarking across schools, ensuring best value for individual schools.

Finance Group

Half-termly meetings to agree the annual budget in line with our priorities and charitable purpose and to ensure most efficient use of funds, value for money and cost savings to member schools.

Funding Group

The Funding Group exists to oversee the successful implementation of the Fundraising Strategic Plan, to generate funds and ensure the continuous application of ethical fundraising practices.

Each term, twilight meetings (after the end of the school day) led by our teachers, for our teachers who meet in year groups to jointly moderate children’s work. The subject area rotates termly with either a focus on writing, maths or science.

This programme is run over the course of an academic year, led internally by one of our Head Teachers. It provides a framework for staff to develop their leadership skills so as to improve practice in their curriculum area, within their own schools. Read about the 2017 “graduates”of the Middle Leadership Programme.

BCPFE INSET day in February 2017, we held our 6th and largest joint INSET day, attended by over 500 school staff and Governors.

With 30 workshop and training sessions, hosted by 4 of our schools, staff not only had access to a varied and exciting training offer but did so alongside colleagues from other schools, enriching their overall experience and learning.

You can view the overview flyer here.

Our Future City #BEWELL projects Since September 2016, Our Future City has been developing a new way of working with schools in the Brighton City Partnership for Education (BCPFE), to utilise the potential of creative experiences to improve wellbeing for children.

During Spring 2017, 10 of the 13 BCPFE schools delivered projects, with delivery in the remaining 3 schools to take place later this year. In consultation with head teachers and class teachers, specific wellbeing issues were identified within each school. In partnership with creative practitioners, new approaches to the identified issues were developed and bespoke projects were delivered. This approach has focused on collaborative working, between schools, arts organisations and creative practitioners, to bring the best of creative and education practice to bear on piloting new methods of working. Embedded in each project were elements of continuing professional development for both teachers and creative practitioners, a focus on creating replicable project models, and identifying ways to increase sustainability of projects for schools.

  • 352 children engaged in wellbeing projects during the spring term.
  • 17 teachers and 13 artists involved in devising projects together.
  • 5 performances, 3 exhibitions and 2 films shared with parents and schools.
  • 4 artist resources were created for other schools to use.
  • 1 museum session for schools was developed on migration.
  • 5 Evaluation tools were developed for primary school wellbeing projects.

‘There’s a lot more support between the children now – they are helping each other to manage emotional issues. Some children who were very shy are now showing that they can take the lead.’

Photo of Linda Dupret and 2017 Middle Leadership Programme attendees - BCPFE

Linda Dupret Head Teacher at St. Paul's CE School with participants from the Middle Leadership Programme

BCPFE - Enrichment activities for schools - Photo of a piece of graffiti art saying Support

Graffiti artwork produced by children from Patcham Juniors, one of our BCPFE schools

‘I love the fact that we work, share and prepare fun and exciting learning, for all our Partnership schools’
(BCPFE Headteacher)

These sessions are very thought-provoking and useful. Very supportive as a new Head’
(BCPFE Head Teacher)

The SENCo job can be lonely and with all the changes, very difficult. Having these meetings is so important: they impact on my job and practice on a day to day. For myself, it’s a great support and so good to problem solve and use each other’s good practice’
(SENCo, BCPFE school)

‘It has been a real pleasure to work with such a forward-thinking group of Governors – demonstrating partnership in action but also keeping that strategic overview. The meetings have been very purposeful and focused. This group is now used as an example of best practice for other Governors across Brighton & Hove. ’
(Partnership Advisor, School Governance)