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Year 3 Enrichment at Stanmer Park

Year 3 Stanmer Park Enrichment Day - June 2017 - BCPFE

2017 Stanmer Park Enrichment Day

On Friday 23rd June, 236 Year 3 children from 7 BCPFE schools, headed to Stanmer Park on a beautiful sunny day, for a day of outdoor activities. Many of the children learnt to ride a bike. A wide range of activities were put on, to include ultimate Frisbee, golf, cricket, building shelters and scavenger hunts.

It was a wonderful day and the children really enjoyed themselves.

Photo from 2017 Stanmer Park Enrichment Day - BCPFE

Testimonial from one of the Year 3 attendees:

‘It was the best day of my life’

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 ‘It was the best day of my life’
Year 3 attendee at Stanmer Park Enrichment event.